The Laughing Dox of the Media World

Oh my, is it great to watch CNN crash and burn in the most beautiful way. If you’re a frequent purveyor of this blog and/or a big Trump fan, I’m sure you share my sentiment of pure satisfaction at watching this biased, lying, poor excuse for a media corporation find more and more ways to attach themselves to the “fake news” label. I feel like the slow burn started about two or three weeks ago with the Project Veritas videos showing CNN producers admitting that the Russia story is completely fake and is just for ratings. Now, those were great videos, but I feel that Project Veritas is still confined to the conservative corner of the internet, so the mainstream guys and girls really were not too concerned. However, the doxxing story that came out this past week was the catalyst that finally revealed CNN for what it truly is: propaganda disguised as news.

This doxxing story has been picked up and heard about all over the internet, so I really won’t bore you with the details. All you have to know is that CNN blackmailed a private citizen simply because he made a meme showing the president beating the crap out of a CNN logo, and the internet had no sympathy. Within hours, a million more similar memes were created. Within a day, the reviews for the CNN app dropped from four stars all the way down to one. I wish you could all view the screenshots that many people circulated of the one-star reviews, but google made sure to delete them, so nothing to see there anymore. How did CNN respond? The same way they do any time they can’t spin a story in their favor. They just didn’t talk about it.

Now, I will get off my high-energy boasting for just a second to talk about what really scares me about this story. I still cannot believe that a private corporation blackmailed a private citizen of the United States. I’m sure that things like this have been going on for years. I’m not going to act naive on the subject. However, I just am astounded that a corporation literally threatened to dox a private citizen right out in the open. That is such a bold move that frankly, I don’t even know how to interpret it. I’m not sure if they thought they were taking a gamble and hoping that people would be on their side and encourage the doxxing, or if they were just so overly confident in their own perception of power that they really could not see any negative consequences of threatening a citizen over Twitter. I’m glad that the internet gave a resounding “NO” to CNN and proceeded to mock them relentlessly, but there were a still few people that tried to justify CNN’s actions.

These people started up a thread that appeared towards the front page of Reddit the other day that talked about this citizen’s post history. In past posts, he encouraged doxxing, so the posters on this thread proceeded to justify CNN’s actions by saying that the meme-maker deserved to be doxxed. This blows my mind that there are people in this country who can still find some way to paint CNN as more of a victim in this situation. We are talking about a private corporation essentially telling someone what he or she is allowed to think. And these CNN defenders are the people still calling themselves “liberals.” Huh? This country was built on freedom of speech. True, there is no freedom from consequences of your free speech, but surely, the founding fathers would have a few issues with a business trying to act as the free-speech police. There is no way you can paint an argument that puts CNN on the good side, at least if you truly believe in the freedoms that an American citizen is entitled to. As CNN has proven this week, they are nothing more a propaganda arm that uses its money and coverage to harass citizens and stay on message no matter the cost to itself or the American citizen. Or at least that seems to be the game plan from this point forward.

I know that CNN will not disappear overnight. They have been pulling the wool over our eyes for years and as a result, they have the power and resources to play this situation out for many years. At least having President Trump in office has exposed CNN and other media networks as the deceivers that they truly are so that we can turn our attention elsewhere. I really hope that this story sets into motion a media revolution. There are so many independent blogs and news stations that are engaging in actual journalism and trying to report the stories with as little bias as possible. Those are the people that deserve our money and our time. Hell, we might actually get back to an era where listening or watching the news actually kept you informed on facts rather than opinions.

So if you’re out at the gym, your favorite coffee shop, or any other locale that shows CNN nonstop, do your duty as a free citizen of this wonderful country, and CHANGE THE CHANNEL. This country has no room for the thought-police or their spiteful pundits. Oh, and one more thing: don’t tell CNN I wrote this. I don’t want to be next on the hit list.