A Quick Rundown

Sorry for the absence. To be honest with you all, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block, but there’s been enough action in the past couple of weeks that I feel I can deliver you something semi-decent. So, for the first time ever here on The Armchair Conservative, we’re going to tackle a few issues for this post. Keep up if you can.

Mooch, we hardly knew ya

I’m going to miss Anthony Scaramucci. The guy was passionate, brash, and didn’t put up with crap from anybody. He was a perfect Trump-esque appointee to carry the mantle of shaking up Washington and force the politicians to maybe do their job for once. Hell, the guy was open about his mission to flush the leakers out of the White House, one by one. I’m sure Reince Priebus’s sudden resignation war merely coincidence after Scaramucci’s bold rhetoric. God, it looked like we were in for another crazy ride. Unfortunately, he only lasted ten days as the Communications Director and will probably end up as the subject of the last question on Jeopardy! one day. Theories abound as to the true reasons behind his firing. Most media outlets state that the new chief of staff John Kelly ordered Trump to remove Scaramucci. Your alternative media sources believe that Scaramucci was brought in to do Trump’s dirty job of getting rid of Priebus without causing an uproar. In my opinion, I think the true reason behind Scaramucci’s removal encompasses both of those theories. Scaramucci was bold, but he spent too much time shooting his mouth off to the wrong people, and even Trump knows when to be bold and when to be tactful. He accomplished his job of removing one major leak, but may have been too much of a live wire in the comms department. The only thing that really annoyed me about the whole affair was how every single major news outlet moaned about Scaramucci’s language. Every correspondent pitched a fit about Scaramucci’s foul mouth and how it was disgraceful to the tradition of the White House. Um, hello? The people voted in Trump because they’re tired of this lame “political tradition” that favors the politicians over the people. I feel like this is a simple concept to grasp, but I guess some people are still stuck on page one. It would have been great to see what this guy could have done. Shine on, Mooch, shine on.

The GOP drops the ball on Obamacare Repeal

The GOP is an absolute joke. For years under Obama, they touted that they would totally dismantle Obamacare and rebuild something better when they came back into power. Well, they finally got their power back in the House and Senate, and what did they do? They failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. They couldn’t even simply repeal it. The country goes red for Trump, and yet the Republicans act as if the Democrats are still running the country. These people are an absolute joke to their constituents. I mean, it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that the Democrats and Republicans are essentially just two sides of the same coin at this point. Both sides make promises to get elected, take some money from outside interests, vote based upon how their corporate sponsors want them to, and then they make up some crap excuses to make sure they can still get reelected by their respective districts. But, hey, that’s politics in a two-party system. The best thing that could come out of this Trump presidency is the dismantling of the Republican party and formation of a new conservative party based upon Trump-style beliefs: stronger borders, better deals, and putting the American citizen before anything else. Hey, a guy can dream, right? For now, I’ll accept new faces in the Republican party. These career “Republicans” are hardly what they claim to be. They failed their base in truly embarrassing fashion in terms of Obamacare repeal and the people of this country deserve better.

Immigration Reform

If you don’t know, the RAISE act is the latest bill in immigration reform that intends to reduce immigration by 50% and set up a merit-based immigration process where those who know English and have professional experience and education would be given priority. Of course, the REEEEEE-ing over this proposal could be heard around the country. After all, we are a nation of immigrants. Many of the members of the various immigration waves into this country came with nothing and were able to establish themselves. I’ll give some credit to that argument, but we are also not living in the same type of world. Illegal immigration is a major problem in this country. Illegal immigrants are not contributing to the tax pool, some are ending up in gangs and committing crimes, and they are taking jobs away from Americans. I know people will constantly chirp about how the illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do, but that is absolute crap. An unskilled high school kid who wants to work would gladly take on some of these labor jobs. At the end of the day, this reform is fulfilling the idea of America First. This nation can barely take care of its own, yet we’re supposed to take in and care for anybody who washes up on shore or jumps a fence? That’s a wonderful thought for a utopia, but we’re still living in the real world. We can’t forsake the welfare of our own countrymen simply to feel good about helping another population that may or may not want to fully integrate into American society. If a country can’t take care of its own people, how can it expect to survive?

I think that’s enough to digest for now. I’m not sure when the next post will be, but if I need to do a little political venting or extremely light analysis, you loyal readers will be the first to know.


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