Come-y at me, bro!

One of the things I love most about the Trump presidency is its unpredictable nature. I’m so used to seeing typical politicians doing typical politician things: kissing ass, giving overly complicated speeches, and failing to act on a problem when it’s staring them right in the face. Then Trump comes along and says, “Screw those rules and let’s get our hands dirty.” So far, we’ve seen Tomahawk missiles, a MOAB, better relations with China, and an actual response to a certain obese North Korean dictator’s brash threats. Are we tired of winning yet? Apparently not, because Trump has finally started to come through on his promise to drain the swamp. James Comey, you’re fired!

I think one of the greatest things about this action is how it was actually done. Comey didn’t even know it was coming. Better yet, the disgraced former FBI director found out he was fired right in the middle of speech he was giving to some new agency recruits. Oh, the irony! The head honcho is shown the door right in front of the faces of the FBI’s future. These moves that Trump is making are just so perfect. Not only was this an ultimate “Screw You” play, but I think it was a message to the new guys and girls that if they want to play politics while trying to enforce the law, they’re going to be quickly shown the exit.

I don’t think it’s any surprise that Comey and Trump weren’t exactly great pals. I mean, one minute this guy’s saying that Hillary’s e-mail scandal should be investigated and the next minute he’s saying that everyone needs to drop it. And then the next minute, he’s saying that the investigation should continue. But then after that, he’s all about investigating the Trump-Russia “connection.” This guy couldn’t even keep his own investigation objectives in order and here he was leading the entire FBI. No wonder he was shown the door.

Now the thing I still don’t understand about the firing of James Comey is why the left is suddenly so upset. I thought they hated the guy. After all, he did decide to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s e-mails only a few weeks before the election. What a scumbag! He actually attempted to redeem himself and do his job by investigating a scandal that still stank of corruption and lies. That is a troubling thought, isn’t it? Every media outlet was calling for his head. And then Hillary lost. Instantly, Comey was blamed for the loss. How dare he make everyone remember that Hillary most likely did some shady things when she was Secretary of State. It was time for this snake in the grass to be stomped out.

Six months later, Trump actually gave those people what they asked for and stomped out that snake. The left responded in the usual manner: impeachment.

I really am starting to think that the left just can’t be happy with anything Trump-related. The crowd for this past week’s Colbert taping cheered when Colbert mentioned that Comey had been fired. Don’t worry, Colbert quickly corrected the audience’s mistake by mentioning that the Comey firing was actually a bad thing. Unlike Comey’s empty promises, at least I can still rely on the media to maintain its manufactured narratives, even if those narratives come back to bite them. The obvious propaganda and ubiquitous Trump bashing is starting to wake people up. At least, I hope it is. I can only imagine the headache involved with trying to follow a party that can’t even keep its own ideas about people and philosophies intact for more than one election cycle.

About six months into a Trump presidency and I’m still not tired of winning. I’m hoping we get to see a competent FBI director that will actually do his job and help to get rid of the political rats that keep stinking up this wonderful nation. Trump has another big decision to make, but as always, he’ll make the right move.

Grab your tickets, folks. There’s still some room on the Trump Train.


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